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PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is an industrial digital computer and its course makes you ready for the mechanical automation process in manufacturing units and construction buildings. You can use your expertise for the dynamic development, subsequent control, counters and timers, programming ease and control. PLC is generally used in industries which helps to eliminate the hard wiring compared with standard relay control circuits, improving productivity. PLC is a Robust Industrial computer which is nothing but a designed task of reading field tools and controlling actuators.

SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition are used for the high-level process supervisory management. It is the control system that manages computers, networked data communications and graphical user interfaces. As well as, benefits real-time detection of faults in machinery, decreases the number of defects in the end result. However, the course of SCADA will help you to do Hardware, Software and Services. It is essentially a piece of software that is installed on a PC/Computer which acts as a Human Machine Interface.

Course Combinations:

  • PLC – Siemens
  • PLC – Delta
  • SCADA – WinCC
  • SCADA – Wonderware InTouch

Siemens PLC, and Siemens SCADA, both will let you understand the industrial world and future technology of tomorrow today. Students those who opt this course will able to open and scalable SCADA system. This is actually the solution which is capable of managing ever-increasing amounts of data and archiving them over the large term. This Course is designed for fresher as well as for experienced automation engineers. Both have different things to learn under this course of PLC and SCADA. But, one thing is sure that you will integrate mobile applications and new technologies to achieve efficiency and productivity.

Delta PLC is one of the most popular courses in which you will learn to control system using electronic operations. It is simple and easy to learn. From store procedures, use of sequential control to handy extending, principles timed counting and logic-based decisions for automated machines all will come under the Delta PLC. If you choose a course to Delta PLC then, you will learn Timer, Counter, Math Block, Move Block and + & – Pulse, Program Control Block and Compare Block as well as you will get enriched with the advanced technical knowledge. After this course, you have the options to join food & Beverages, Power Plants, Manufacturing Process, Oil and Gas, Water/Waste Water Treatment, and other industries.

Wonderware Intouch SCADA is the demanding course which will give you an opportunity to learn animation is SCADA software, trends and functions in SCADA software, recipe management, security and alarm system. It also offers a centralized integrated way of all your controls and information resources. This course is designed for fresher and will teach you to step by step design and system SCADA to any technical process Monitor and Control.

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  • Architecture of PLC
  • Industrial Control & Power Circuit
  • Working with Field Devices
  • PLC Programming using Ladder Logic and Functional Block Diagram
  • Interfacing I/O Devices with PLC
  • PC – PLC Communication
  • Timer, Counter, Jump, Subroutine & Multi-Interlocking
  • Advanced Math function, Comparator, Converter
  • Shift & Rotate function
  • PID
  • Integer and Floating function
  • Industrial PLC Panel board wiring
  • Industrial Automation Project
  • Architecture of SCADA
  • Different communication system
  • SCADA Window Creation
  • Object Configuration/Animation
  • Faceplate
  • HTML Browser
  • Alarm & Recipe management
  • Script
  • DDE
  • PLC & SCADA Interfacing
  • Remote Monitor & Control Process
  • Trends
  • Data logging and ODBC
  • Industrial SCADA project


Internationally Recognized Course Completion Certificate


Deep Learning Module

• Instructor-led training from an expert
• Real Time Application training and hands-on practice
• Instructor-led training from an expert
• Real Time Application training and hands-on practice


  • Automation Engineer
  • PLC Program Developer
  • PLC operator
  • Field Area Control Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Application Engineer
  • Panel Board wiring Engineer
  • SCADA Operator
  • SCADA Programmer
  • Automation Engineer
  • SCADA Modelling Engineer
  • SCADA Maintenance Engineer and Instrumentation Engineer are some of the jobs available in this domain.


0-1 years
1-4 years
5-9 years
Above 10years

Source: Payscale


  • BE/ BTech / BSc/ MSc/ Diploma Engineers of Electrical, Electronics & communication, Instrumentation, Mechatronics branches
  • Working professionals from Maintenance, Projects, Quality, R & D, Production, Design, Service, Application engineering.
  • ITI Electrical / Electronics Professionals with industry experience
  • IInd / IIIrd / Final year Engineering students looking for Summer / Winter / Industrial Training
  • Companies/Industries looking to meet Training Needs of their technical staff

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