Deep Learning Module is the comprehensive Learning Management tool provided to all LIVEWIRE students as part of their course. LIVEWIRE is into Hybrid training methodology wherein customers are offered in-person training and supported by online content.

Registered students of LIVEWIRE are eligible to take the following benefits through Deep Learning Module.

  • Digitised courseware for ready reference through App or through student portal
  • Expert session for 10 hours(approx.) for additional inputs
  • Quiz program for self-evaluation of their learning
  • Sample Interview questions for better preparation
  • Useful links relating to the course they have joined
  • Technical Forum for doubt clarification
  • Additional Lab exercise

Important steps to note regarding your course at LIVEWIRE:

Step 1: Register for the selected course in and get a valid receipt through email. This should be the first step and it is must for your course to be valid.

Step 2: Install student App and activate your student ID. Utilise the App functions effectively.

Step 3: Pay the Tuition fee in the selected centre as per the agreed terms. Ensure that you are receiving a valid receipt as per the sample given in App, “Payments” page.

Step 4: Login to Deep Learning Module from the starting of the course for effective learning. The DLM access will be available till the completion of your course.

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